Hi !

Hamburg. With Murphy's I've managed to spend a lot of nights on the Reeperbahn. Though few weeks ago I had to find out that my favourite pub does not sell my favourite drink anymore. And my favourite barman has vanished last month. Must be a year 2000 bug.

I like Scrabble, I cycle when it doesn't rain. Physics, geological and technical topics fascinate me. I never fail to climb onto, into or around ships (around: that is, when they are in dry docks), planes or trains when I have the chance.
Computers are another thing I like. After being interested mostly in the output for the last years, now I've found out that 'how does this work?' also applies to computers. I enjoy painting old and building new furniture, not necessarily fancy, but at least it doesn't fall apart.

All my free time I spend on travelling around. As my vacation this year [1998] has already dissolved into nothing, I decided to do this. I love reading fantasy and fairy books, that's where the "sprite" came from. Things like Star Wars (this link is the technical start page for more...), 'The Dark is rising' sequence and 'The Boggart' by Susan Cooper (children's books), Trolls & Hobbits by Tolkien are among my favourites.

As I'm not a genius in multitasking like some other ppl I know, I can only do few things at a time. I can't read when the stereo is on is one of them. I can't eat while typing is another.