Using the SemaphoreFlag Signalling System to move backwards and forwards on these pages, so sorry, doesn't make any sense at all. Because the 'back' sign is an "S" and the 'forward' sign is a "W".

You will find that links within the text are bold but not underlined. Exception: the "Swap" pages. As there are nothing but links on those pages, they do not show bold.

Thanks, kard. My favourite email address was a plus at the time.

For those who do not hop around in Chat World from time to time... *g*=grin, *s*=smile, *L*=Laugh and many more.

The origin of the 'sprite' image on the first page unknown, the original has been changed.

You will find that - with the mouse movement - a star is flying across the left menu bar. Should that little star not be flying around you are not using Netscape 4.x. Tough!