Bretagne, France

Gran Canaria //

We went there as a school class. I was maybe 12 or so. We had fun, ran around, a friend of mine ran through a glass door. Very unfortunate. I ran to the teachers house. The ambulance came. I think he still has those stiches today. Seven stiches on his right hand.


Later on, Mt. St. Michel. Somewhere on the North Coast. What a beautiful place. When the tide is out you can walk across the sand.



Le Mans, I'm not sure whether that belongs to Bretagne, however, I had a wonderful time there. A green sweater bought in Le Mans is still my favourite today. Older than the Hong Kong sandals.


Actually, parts of the Bretagne in France remind me of California nowadays, sandy, dry green colours. Funny. And Roxanne. The Police.