Hong Kong (1996)

Indonesia //

Two and a half days in Hong Kong are not enough. In October 1996 I finally managed to ruin my favourite sandals ~ I still run around in the same ruined sightseeing sandals, there are things in life you just don't let go *s*



There was a place on Hong Kong Island, I'm not sure, something like a temple with a children's playground in front of it. Sort of a pretty miniature park lost between high buildings. I sat down there and was sour because I had been looking for some sight I didn't manage to find - when I saw smoke rising from behind the next bush. Then I smelt the smoke *s* The old man sat up at looked at me, managing a huge grin. His face, his three teeth, his clothes were just like, don't know, better than any movie. And then we had a smoke. And we smiled. Because, after all, I don't speak Cantonese.