Bali & Java (1996)

USA //

Kuta Beach belongs to Australians. Maybe the bars and the nightlife, too. But no matter what people say, Kuta lives because of the surf. I've hardly ever seen such a beautiful beach. The east coast of Bali might be quieter, but - gee - you have to run to find the water there when the tide is out.


On Bali I felt like at a bazar, everybody wants to sell something to you. Whether it's a different place to stay or watches or T-Shirts, it doesn't matter. Needs time to get used to it.


There was a guy on the beach one afternoon, probably not older than 15 or so. He started talking to me. In English. Not too good, but understandable. It took about five minutes until I realized that he wanted to sell himself to me, even though I told him the usual story that I was married and my husband was working in Hong Kong, highly unfortunate not to keep me company on my vacation. A male prostitute. A kid. First I was shocked, then I started talking to him. He probably got bored :). He gave up.