Bali & Java (1996)

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The overnight bus from Bali to Malang, Java. A super-modern bus. With air-condition and a superb sandwich/ food service. It broke down, the first time half an hour after we got going, then it broke down another couple of times. Fortunately the bus gave up completely when we were pretty near to our destination. About 20 miles away. Two young students, one of whom could speak a little English, packed me into a bus-taxi and they just took me with them. It worked. I found my friend who was already scared to pieces!

  // Java, when I was there, was safe and I guess it's safe again now. You can walk around alone at night without a single fear. It does make a difference.  

Bogor gardens - a wonderful botanic garden. People were curious and took pictures of me. Funny. Wish I could have given back more and hadn't been so ill. Bali and Java ~ a beautiful countryside. And very friendly people.

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