New Zealand, North Island (1998)

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The East Cape. For me the nearest point to the date-line that I could get to. 729 steps worth climbing for an incredible view of the date-line *L*. That is, if you care to get past the bulls and horses first. A lighthouse comes as a bonus, too.


Do you know what it looks like when a couple of cats crawl around under a blanket? That's the view you get driving from Opotiki via Tauranga to Hamilton. So many green hills, you might even think they move like waves.


Bay of Islands: there was a Missionary once, who came to the Bay of Islands. He could not speak the native language very well but wanted to express that he liked the place very much. "Good" means "pai" in maori. So he said "It is pai here". And now the place is called Pai~hia ;) The missionary was right, it's a wonderful area. Like all of the North Island.

Gran Canaria