Prague (1999)

Hong Kong //

Four days in Prague. In winter. Take warm clothes with you and enjoy the snow. Also take a Visa or Amex card with you - unless you want to face embarrassing moments in a restaurant...


Transportation is not a problem. You either walk or take the tram or subway. Be sure to buy correct tram/ subway tickets and check their time limits. There are guys around who check this. But basically, one can walk Prague.



Prague is a must for people who like ancient buildings, a flair of history and a city which seems to be perfectly nested between green spots and trees. Nevertheless, this place is international, fun and a grand choice for a short trip for a couple of days. There are so many things to look at you might as well forget all the night-life ;)


You need to listen to music in Prague. Music inside Churches, from church towers, at Musicals or in concerts. Don't hesitatate to go to places recommended to you by a scrap piece of paper. Take the opportunity. Take somebody with you who loves music.

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