Queensland (1999)

Bretagne //

Queensland in Australian winter and European summer. No fear about stingers or other dangerous fishes. Well, nearly no fear.


From Brisbane to Cairns - what an experience to get to know the Rain Forest at rainy times. Visit Queen Mary Falls and Crows Nest to the west of Brisbane. And Somerset Damn (just in case you're British) - such a lost place with a friendly post office. People in Malany will tell you where to find the sunshine - follow their advice. It's an experience.



Be prepared to meet a lot of rain in European summer (but I was told it's not always so) - Bowen on the way to Magnetic Island is the place to be for a swim. Includes reefs for a snorcle. Grand place. Spent three hours there. Too little.


Magnetic Island. A must for every traveller who wants to find Koalas. Don't go to the park, walk the track. No matter how hot. You'll find them in the trees. And they'll reward you with stunning photographs.
To make it worse, rent a bike and cycle the island. Believe me, don't underestimate the hills on the island. Next time I'll choose something with four wheels ; )