Queensland (1999)

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Jourama Falls - in case you see the sign - stop there. A beautiful walking track. Find it. It wasn't on my tourist map.


Mission Beach - all beaches - are a grand place to relax and to walk. Fantastic walking tracks all around. Hiking until you don't know you've feet anymore. A beautiful place to stay for a few days.



Stop at a "Driver Reviver". You'll be rewarded with weird photos and free coffee ; ) Just have to wait long enough... photograph Milaa Milaa Falls only with the red rhododendron in front (or whatever the flower is called).


Anything around Cairns, like Australian Stock Horses up hills and down the plain through rivers or a trip to the Reef on a Vagabond Ship or footprints on Ellis Beach on a quiet day or Yorkey's Knob and the Skyrail - a fantastic place to be. Port Douglas for a rainy pizza and the best souvenir of all - a snake under your tent which just screams for enlightning.