Sweden (1997)

Travel Notes //

Only 8.5 or so million people in Sweden - and the further north you get the less people you see. I bought the best & technically funniest candle holder in the lake Siljan area. I liked the Swedish craft and art that I saw.


We picked up two Swedes before midnight who were trying to get to a place (Leksand) that was packed with booze and more young people (Midsummers Day is party time in Sweden, or BBQ time with your family). Those guys didn't have a car, but they definitely had a mobile phone. Being less than 17 years old. Sweden is Ericsson country. Everyone runs around with a mobile phone stuck to/in his/her ear/pocket. Highly impressive.


The fact that I didn't agree to a trip in a small seaplane that took off from Lake Siljan still bugs me today. Because, in fact, the plane came back in one piece after an hours trip. And it was dead cheap, only around US $30. Grmpf.