USA (1993...)

Lanzarote //

Chicago - even though Sears Tower might be impressing, and Hancock Building has rattling elevators (as of 1993) - the best thing that happend to me in Chicago was ending up in a classical concert performed by a Polish Piano-player - and recorded by some radio station. Some building not far from the Museum of Arts; I walked in there and was invited upstairs in a pause - what a wonderful way to eat your sandwich and listen to fantastic music as well.


There are not enough bike paths. I'm pretty sure of that now.


Why people forget Marin County when they travel, I really don't know.


The Bay Area - the first time in the Bay Area and the first thing I said - "This looks like England". My friends live there, also my friends from Hamburg get head-hunted there. Everybody seems to be there. Something like my second home. Miss you lots.