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Their job is to attract attention
To generate and spot dimensions
To make the user look again
Onto the screen and see the pain
Of all those flashing ads in motion
Their basic name is "animation"

Created to look good and sell,
The animation jumps like hell
A click on it will promise prizes -
Or honours, goods and merchandises
Your joy of surfing through the net
Is sometimes flawed, leaves you upset.

You're bound to see this hopping action
There's rare escape from ad's distraction
With comp's poor memory hesitating
When burdened with ads iterating
At times you might well give up surfing
Avoiding ads which seem unnerving

But have you ever thought of GIFS
As moving art, not being stiff?
Or just take Flash as on-screen movie -
Designer's joy to craft those stories
There's lots of work in animations
Why not enjoy the good creations?!