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Deep inside that small computer
Lies a soul, a real big booster
By tickling slowly it will shake
And stretch and yawn 'til it's awake
Mind you, this is a tricky task
The tickle sometimes doesn't last

Computers like to hang up slowly
Without a notice, just sit lowly
Behind a wall of "c-slash-none"
They go for cover, all is done
What to do with this invention
Was this the overall intention?

Makes you look silly, really daft
When others come to help at last
To bring this box of simple cables
Towards the road of working stable
Please don't think or feel upset
There's nothing big here to regret

We learn next time to try again
Before starting to complain
But on the other hand, a thought at random
Maybe the SysOp is quite handsome
For two people quite relaxing
Can be the time of nets collapsing!