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Mobiles, Handys, Cell phones, too
There's many ways to contact you
In different countries, lots of names
Describe one tool that takes the blame
Of making noises when it ought not
And getting lost at every bus stop.

It stores your numbers, sometimes secrets
About these contacts maybe subject
To delicate and thrilling pleasures
Ooops! Don't you dare give away those treasures!
Their home is mobile, shock in stock
Just don't forget to PIN the lock!

The phone, it grins with subtle knowing
And keeps those secrets which are growing
Far beyond a few mere digits
'Cause now there's SMS - it's rigid!
It prints whole words, and phrases, too
Phew: this could cause remarks quite new

Unless deleting notes quite fast
You'll be the one to solve the task
Explaining all this unknown typing
To somebody who asks enlightening
For all those notes thought of as crime
Grin at your phone, it's doing fine.