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A Bit is single, by default
It needs a team of Ones and Naughts
Creating Bytes transporting notes
In form of lasting anecdotes
These stories hop around the net
They're simply there 'cause Bits have met

Eight Bits will find each other when
A message must be written - then
Four teams of two will match in pairs
It's like a dance staged at a fair
Some crew of two might not seem matched
Depends on who you get attached

A Naught turns round, she would prefer
Some other One accompanying her
And after work, when Bits will meet
Down at the pub - there's talk discreet...
"Why is tough to find a One
Who's caring, clever, lots of fun?"

Good-looking One, placed at the door
He turns and joins the talk once more
Grins at his friend, Miss Naught discrete
And says: "Sunshine, you're really sweet!
But you're at loss, 'cause Ones our kind
Have always other Ones in mind...."