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Far on the highlands, right up-hill
A little MAC is sitting still
He looks around with wicked glints
And waits quite still for little hints
To show him that poor soul awaiting
A course in common educating

Ha - there's the one! Let's get to work!
And tell some tales about alerts!
Different language? Not a problem!
Just change the start-up disk at random!
That fruity key, it does the trick
Instead of using your right-click...

...You key and click your way around:
A genius desktop you have found!
The MAC, by now, is grinning slightly
'Cause he can sense you moving lightly
Among commands which seemed so frightening
But at this time, they're so enlightening

Just now, the MAC, he starts to frown
Your eagerness caused files to drown
"My dear, what have you wrecked again?
These women, they are such a pain!"
"Oh no, dear MAC, where lies your vigour?
Or are you just some static figure?"

A sudden freeze, no system tests -
'Cause even Highland-MACs need rest...