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Right here now we are - and then we're away
We seem on the run but jog miles every day.
So fast is our movement we hardly observe
Spectators who happily think they deserve
A piece of this package, so small it may be
But they do not know that we have agreed...

Agreed to deliver this packet intact
With entire contents and specs which are fact
We run for a living, take care of these goods
Avoiding some pirates who hide beneath hoods
Our load can be risky - but we know of that:
The drawback is when the encryption gets hacked

Although we ran swiftly, like flashes so quick
'Twas not fast enough, and sometimes we get nicked
Got caught and did not have the time to defend:
'Cause we ran too fast round the cross-country bend

The outcome is that we end up with dull jobs
Transporting daft packets through Pacific fog
But once in a while there's a parcel so sweet -
Some packets, they make nosy reading a treat