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There are plenty of them, different kinds,
You might bump into some at times
You can touch them - but understand them not
Because the innards cause those stops...
Which makes you grab that plug with pins
An angry look: the user spins!

One simple cable meant to fit
A port in a computer slit
But - and that's the special here:
those pins make ports quite serial
Plates or pins or You-Es-Bee
Effects are great but hard to see

Another port starts sobbing sadly
It wants connection oh so badly
Drivers, mounts and wires, too
Define which port has what to do
At times this issue seems frustrating
There's no success, the system's breaking

You once again start wild complaining
Then switch to ports more entertaining:
'Cause there is a port where waves arrive
Where sea winds breeze and fishes dive
Big ships come in and turn about -
And there are pubs which serve you Stout

A turn to port gives new directions
Fresh air propelling mind selections
New views plus Stout plus added air
Can wipe away all works despair
The solution to these ports is stress
Relax, pour port wine: - solve the mess