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It's coded so softly with much dedication
All programmer's joy lies in this application
So special and cunning, these lines of instructions
They're part of grand software awaiting production.

The deadlines are tight and the end seems so near:
There's only one stage now which has to be cleared.
A finalised testrun for this mass of code
Ensuring all modules are in the right mode.

Now, this is the point that all programmers fear:
When tester's grim faces reach for their top gear
On multiple platforms, at random or logic
The testers are fierce and resemble neurotics

"The program is bad - those who code it are worse!"
All testers change sides, they relaunch their best curse
They fight for a crash or some other malfunction...
There must be a way to find further destruction!

Those testers are tough finding programmers mess
Their grins can be evil: Engineers in distress!
But when tests are over these guys will unite:
'Cause they've worked together for User's delight.