Belize / Yucatán,Guatemala (2003)

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With three and a half days in Tulum, Yucatán, Mexico, you are prepared for Belize. Enjoying the white sandy beaches at Tulum, the ruins and the fantastic breakfast in Tulum town, you might as well forget about the rain trickling through the straw roof of your cabin.


The busses to Belize strike you immediately - not changed since the 60's, old american schoolbusses drive you around. One is squashed on seats designed for 8-year-olds. Which plainly means - hey, you've gained size and weight!! Those busses stop at every corner - unforgettable scenes! Ride a bus!



Belize's first impression is: many fields, farmland, semi-dry country. A trip to Lamanai up the river shows you wildlife, nature, many birds, wonderful ruins, woods, green and even cruise ship tourists :-) Lamanai is worth a trip, as is Orange Walk. You might kiss in Lover's Lane.


Belize City is not as dangerous as they say. However, I never went out after dark, except to a restaurant. You'll meet crazy people on bikes who want to cycle South America and ask you for a phone card. Belize City is a good place to buy magnets!

// Belize is not inexpensive, except for lodging and travelling by bus. Restaurants, food, trips and general goods are comparable in pricing to Europe and the US. >