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Been & Went & Gone

A classroom with boys - and them only, no girls
In those times quite normal - 'cause who'd want the swirl?!
We're talking 'bout football, 'bout sports and new bikes
'Bout teachers who punish you when you're on strike

There's always a method to skip watching eyes
Just jump out the classroom, use friends as disguise
Around sixty years ago guys weren't fools -
The making was plenty when not watched in school....

But teachers weren't stupid, they smelt something wrong -
And asked one lone pupil where the other had gone?
That pupil, perplexed - grinned - aware what went on:
Don't know, Mister... Sir, - he's been an' wen' an' gone!

=  =  =

You're carried by wind - over waves and the sea
Far up to the clouds - beneath which we can't see
Right there is your face with a smile moving on:
Just now you were here - but then been, went and gone.


For Alan James Parkhouse