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My space on screens is limited
I'm one by one - and asked to sit
Just still - for you to view at length
While I'm at rest, this is my strength.

Cause when I'm calm - with time I glow,
Develop colours which will show
The ultimate of screens performance
You've hardly felt such awesome romance

Your doing makes me change and shine
But you won't hear my secret whine
While wobbling hard, I stay in place
To meet the other pixel's pace

We change at your request - at once
Now: this tops any coloured dance!
It's us, as team, displaying squares
Enabling you to view screens fair.

It's what you see that forms beliefs
But we're the ones who steer round reefs...
...of crooked colours which look bad
A little blur - we've made you glad ;-)

We do all this: - you'll never know
It's us, who really run the show...